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Vehicle and Property Window Tinting

Vehicle and Property Window Tinting

Here at Auto Innovations in Sudbury we offer both vehicle and property window tinting and have an extensive range of shades and colours for every need.

We are experts at window tinting and unlike our competitors we actually remove the drop glass from your vehicle which means you get a perfect finish EVERY time and a 10 year guarantee.

Window tinting is growing in popularity for many reasons including the fact it is non-disruptive to install and maintenance free. The application of window film/tinting glass is suitable for cars, boats, plant equipment, conservatories, houses, offices, commercial premises, schools, skylights, partitions, polycarbonate roofs etc. Our customers all have different reason for opting for the window tinting of their vehicles or property but the most popular reasons for this choice are:


Increased Comfort – cuts glare and reduces heat.

Increased Security – Government test have shown that security film reduces the risks and costs of vehicle crime dramatically.

Protects Your Interiors – window tinting acts like sunscreen by blocking 99% of harmful UV rays that can damage and fade vehicle interiors.

Aesthetic Enhancement – window tinting can instantly improve the appearance of the vehicle/building.

Increased Safety – bonding firmly to the glass, Auto Innovations window tints help to hold shattered windows together when broken, protecting you and others from flying glass during an accident.

Increased Privacy – not only does window tinting provide an increased level of privacy (depending on tint film chosen this can be near blackout) for your passengers but also from the prying eyes of opportunist thieves who will be looking out for valuable items left lying around.

Energy Saving – window tinting offers excellent heat insulation, saving energy, which in turn saves you money.


Whether it’s your car windows that are to be tinted or a whole building that you’d like done, you can rely on us for highly experienced, efficient work and friendly, expert staff – we have an excellent reputation based on our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction!



We also go one step further than our competitors and offer window tint and tinting training courses. Even though we are based in Sudbury,Suffolk and generally cover the Suffolk and North Essex area, you are more than welcome to join our course from wherever you are in the UK.

We recommend two full days for a beginner. The first day is usually spent covering the theory side of all the areas of window tinting applications, and the second day is then putting that theory into practice.

Once you have finished your training, you will have acquired the techniques and knowledge needed to become a professional installer…the rest is practise and sheer determination.

If you are interested in window tinting for your vehicle or property, or would like to know more about signing up to one of our window tinting training courses then get in touch today…01787 822104.

Remember though, window tinting is not all we do. We also do business signage, sign making, sign writing, vehicle livery and wrapping – and every service we provide if fully guaranteed.

Until next month,

Chris and the team…

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